Advantage Air Freight is located at the State Airport. When coming from town, take the first road past the airport exit. Advantage Air Freight’s hangar is on the right at 5353 Rezanof Drive West.


ACE will accept live animal shipments in approved airline kennels. To ship to Anchorage, call Advantage Air Freight to make arrangements to ship your pet. When shipping from Anchorage to Kodiak, contact ACE at (907) 334-5100 to make arrangements in Anchorage. Live animals should be picked up as soon as they arrive in Kodiak or dropped off in Kodiak within 1 hour of the flight arrival.

ACE will ship appliances, providing they do not exceed the maximum dimensions. Maximum width: 54 inches; maximum height 57 inches. Call either ACE in Anchorage to discuss your shipment or call Advantage Air Freight for more information.

All hazardous shipments such as ammunition, fuels, aerosol cans, bear spray, bio hazardous materials etc. can be shipped if they are packaged and labeled correctly. There is an additional fee for processing hazardous material paperwork that meets FAA requirements.

Yes. ACE provides excellent service to hunters, fishermen and guides. All gun cases should be locked and any hazardous materials (i.e. kerosene, propane) should be properly identified and marked. ATV’s and outboard motors should be empty of any fuel.

ACE has a holding freezer in Anchorage to stage your shipment from Anchorage. In Kodiak, Advantage Air Freight has several freezers to hold product prior to shipping. Contact Advantage Air Freight before bringing out any large shipments to ensure we have adequate freezer storage.

You can check the ACE website www.aceaircargo.corm to get a rate quote. Simply plug in Anchorage and Kodiak and put in your estimated shipment weight. The same applies when shipping from Kodiak to Anchorage.

If you have the airwaybill number, you can go online to the ACE website and track your package.