Fresh and frozen seafood: We have freezer storage available to hold product before shipping. Shippers should ensure that all fresh and frozen seafood is packed in an airline approved box or tote.

Fish, game and hunting gear: Firearms cannot be loaded at time of shipment and should be in a locked case. Ammunition must be shipped separately and is considered a hazardous shipment which requires completion of the hazmat paperwork. All outboard motors and ATV’s must be empty of fuel.

Hazardous materials: Advantage Air Freight can process hazardous shipments. The shipper must declare all hazardous materials such as propane, small arms ammunition, bear spray, aerosol cans, fuels and contaminated materials. The shipments must be packaged properly for flight on a cargo aircraft and marked as hazardous. There is a fee for processing and shipping of hazardous materials.

Live animals: We ship live animals to and from Anchorage. All animals must be in an approved airline container. Call Advantage Air Freight to arrange to ship animals to Anchorage or if shipping from Anchorage to Kodiak, contact ACE Air Cargo at (907) 334-5100 to make the necessary arrangements.

Household goods: ACE can ship your refrigerators, stoves, exercise equipment and all other types of household goods. ACE aircraft are limited to cargo that is no more than 54 inches wide and 57 inches high.

Construction equipment: ACE aircraft can carry an average payload of 5,000 lbs with cargo configuration as follows:

  • Max cargo length: 25 feet
  • Max cargo width: 54 inches
  • Max cargo height: 57 inches
  • Max volume: 464 cubic inches